What is a Chemical Peel?


A chemical peel is a skin exfoliation technique used to improve the appearance of the skin to a smoother and even texture. 

Chemical peels are composed of Alpha Hydroxy/Beta Hydroxy acids that are applied to the skin that causes the dead or damaged skin cells to peel off.  As a result, new and healthy skin cells are revealed (cell turnover) to the surface leaving your skin glowing.

The levels of peeling experienced may differ depending upon skin type, resilience, type of peel and number of layers applied. Some may experience ‘sheeting (when large portions of the skin peel off at once), some  may experience ‘flaking (when small pieces of skin peel off, similar to dry, winter skin or mild peeling after a sunburn) and others may experience exfoliation (at the cellular level) that is not visible. 


We at The Park Med Spa use PCA chemical peels. There is no downtime after the PCA peel. To help maximize your results, a post procedure regimen is recommended.

There are three basic types of peels

Superficial or lunchtime peel


Alpha-hydroxy acid or another mild acid is used to penetrate only the outer layer of skin to gently exfoliate it. This treatment helps to improve the appearance of mild skin discoloration and rough skin as well as to refresh the face, neck, chest or hands.

Medium peel


Glycolic or trichloroacetic acid is applied to penetrate the outer and middle layers of skin to remove damaged skin cells. The treatment helps to improve age spots, fine lines and wrinkles, freckles and moderate skin discoloration. It also can be used to smooth rough skin and treat some precancerous skin growths, i.e. actinic keratosis.

Deep peel


Trichloroacetic acid or phenol is applied to deeply penetrate the middle layer of skin to remove damaged skin cells. The treatment removes moderate lines, age spots, freckles and shallow scars. Patients will see a dramatic improvement in skin appearance. The procedure is used on the face and only can be performed once.

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