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The Park Med Spa is pleased to provide the most advanced and cutting-edge medical-grade laser on the market right now. The Aerolase® NeoElite provides safe, highly effective results for ALL skin types.

NeoSkin by AEROLASE® is an aesthetic medical laser that offers patients an unmatched level of service in dermatology and aesthetics. With its unmatched gentleness, the Neo provides complete skin rejuvenation for all skin types and tones, including improvement of skin tone and texture, fine lines and wrinkles, veins, redness, and hyperpigmentation.

The Neo's unique 650-microsecond technology is drawn to a combination of melanin, hemoglobin, and water in skin tissue - all of which contribute to the aging of your skin. The Neo selectively heats these areas with high energy delivered in brief pulses that pass through the skin without causing any side effects, leaving behind clear, healthy skin devoid of the aches, burns, or bruises that are sometimes associated with earlier generations of lasers. All skin kinds and tones, including the darkest skin tones, can be treated safely, effectively, tolerably, and with highly effective outcomes with the 650-microsecond pulse.

How does Aerolase® NeoElite Work?

First, the 650-microsecond energy from NeoSkin targets water in the dermis to encourage the production of collagen, which minimizes pores and fine wrinkles and tightens the skin. If melanin and hemoglobin are found, NeoSkin then targets them to eliminate brown pigment, eliminate vascular lesions, and reduce inflammation. This NeoSkin procedure is a fast, personalized procedure that takes each patient's individual needs into account. NeoSkin can achieve results that required multiple procedures and therapy modalities previously. Treatment is extremely tolerable with a low risk of side effects thanks to the special characteristics of the Neo's energy.


Your Skin. Completely Rejuvenated.

NeoSkin by Aerolase addresses a variety of skin concerns in a single treatment and is the perfect solution to reverse aging for all ages and all skin types who either want to keep their skin clear and youthful. This safe, effective, and tolerable treatment is quickly becoming the 'go-to' laser for patients wanting clear, beautiful skin.

" I started my laser hair removal treatment here and it is going great so far! The facilities are welcoming and I have had a great experience with the specialist Ritu on my treatments. I would recommend this place for anyone looking for top-notch laser hair removal services! "


 NeoClear by Aerolase® Acne Treatment 

Using cutting-edge 650-microsecond technology, NeoClear by Aerolase provides patients of all ages and skin types with a unique, safe, and comfortable treatment for acne. NeoClear is an excellent acne treatment that eliminates excess sebum production, irritation, and the p. acnes bacteria ——— three of the main causes of acne. NeoClear can address these variables with just one device instead of the several treatments, drugs, or skin care choices that are typically needed. The 650-microsecond device's special settings enable energy to penetrate the skin deeply within a very safe and tolerable pulse in order to minimize sebum production, suppress inflammation, and kill the p. acnes bacteria in order to help prevent acne and future breakouts. Additionally, the deep heating energy promotes collagen growth, which improves skin radiance and can lessen the visibility of acne scars.

NeoClear is a revolutionary treatment since it has no adverse effects, is highly comfortable for patients, and produces benefits quickly—often after just one session. For people who cannot or do not want to take prescription drugs, NeoClear is a fantastic alternative. Furthermore, with rising prescription expenses, NeoClear is an outstanding, low-cost answer to individuals' acne concerns.

Depending on the severity of the acne and the size of the afflicted region, NeoClear treatments normally last between 10 and 30 minutes (face, neck, chest, torso). NeoClear is highly safe, effective, and tolerable for all skin types, all ages, and all types of acne. Treatment may be performed without any skin cooling, or anesthetic, and even without the need to touch the skin.

NeoSkin by Aerolase® Melasma and Hyperpigmentation

NeoSkin by Aerolase allows patients of all skin types to completely eliminate their melasma and hyperpigmentation using this unique device.   Melasma often requires a comprehensive treatment plan to achieve clearance and prevent a recurrence because it is a multifactorial condition that just might involve vascular components, epidermal melanin, and dermal melanin. The Aerolase Neo helps patients to achieve clearance with a safe, effective, and tolerable treatment by addressing each of these factors.The 650-microsecond laser energy from the Neo is delivered into the dermis and epidermis to dissolve melanin deposits while reducing inflammation and broken capillaries. In contrast to traditional topical or device therapies for melasma, the Neo's energy treatment is highly tolerated with a minimal risk of side effects.


Melasma treatment can be difficult, and it may take a while to see results using topical medications. However, the Neo can assist patients in clearing with fewer treatments. For patients who want an accelerated clearance of their condition, the Neo can be combined with a peel in a single treatment session. The Neo first aids in breaking the dermal and epidermal pigment. And to speed up cellular turnover, the peel may then be applied. While the Neo may be used alone as a single treatment, the combination of these two treatments offers patients a great “one-two punch” to clear their condition.

Treatments for Aerolase Neo melasma usually last 15 to 20 minutes. Neo-melasma therapies are safe, effective, and acceptable for all skin types and kinds of melasma. There is no need for anesthesia or skin cooling during treatment, and you can even administer it without touching the patient's skin.

NeoSkin by Aerolase® Rejuvenation and Tightening

Aerolase elevates rejuvenation and tightening to new levels by allowing a thorough treatment to address tone and texture, redness, pigmentation, laxity, and other undesirable skin structures in a single treatment with a single device.  NeoSkin restores the skin's natural, young glow by using 650-microsecond laser radiation, which is specially attracted to the melanin, hemoglobin, and water present in the skin. This procedure is safe, efficient, and tolerable. NeoSkin now achieves the results which previously required several sessions and therapy modalities in the past.

There may be numerous changes as skin matures. With larger pores, loose skin, and a rough texture, skin quality might deteriorate. It's possible to develop undesirable problems like redness, veins, sun damage, and age spots. Acne may persist throughout maturity. NeoSkin can assist you in achieving your skin goals, whether you're trying to regain your clear, youthful skin or delay the indications of aging. First, the 650-microsecond energy from NeoSkin targets water in the dermis to promote the creation of collagen, which minimizes pores and fine wrinkles and tightens the skin. If melanin and hemoglobin are found, NeoSkin then targets them to eliminate brown pigment, eliminate vascular lesions, and reduce inflammation. This NeoSkin procedure is a quick, customized procedure that takes each patient's individual needs into account.

Treatments with NeoSkin usually last 20 to 60 minutes, depending on the issues that need to be treated and the size of the treatment region (face, neck, chest). For all skin types, treatment is extremely safe, efficient, and acceptable; it can even be administered without the need for anesthesia or cooling the skin.

NeoSkin by Aerolase® Rosacea, Redness, and Veins
redness and veins.png

In a single, 20–25-minute treatment session, NeoSkin effectively resolves rosacea, redness, veins, and broken capillaries. The development of veins and broken capillaries in the skin, as well as the appearance of redness, are all symptoms of aging skin. Rosacea is a chronic condition marked by persistent face redness and the gradual development of spider-like blood vessels over time. Rosacea is also characterized by facial flushing.It is often punctuated by episodes of inflammatory papules (bumps), pustules (pimples), and swelling.


Avoiding popular foods and drink as well as using time- and money-consuming cosmetic concealment are common forms of management for many people. Other diffuse redness, such as poikiloderma of Civatte, may be caused by other things, like lifestyle choices and UV exposure, which the NeoSkin therapy can also address. With energy that penetrates deeply and reduces the inflammation that is the source of the redness, the Aerolase Neo efficiently treats these disorders. It also coagulates the unwanted veins and broken capillaries, which are then gradually cleared by the body’s natural immune response.


We have dedicated providers, on-site to perform Aerolase skin treatments.  Dr. Miller and Dr. Ritu are certified and highly trained in Aerolase technology.

Our highly respected providers combine the training and experience of accomplished medical professionals with the warm, personalized service you expect at The Park Med Spa.

Dr. Arthur Miller doing laser treatment at The Park Med Spa
Hair Removal

Heat and energy are combined in laser hair removal to kill the hair follicle while leaving the surrounding skin unharmed. Patients can remove any unwanted hair with the Aerolase Neo Elite laser in a method that is both painless and gentle. Most patients who have had laser treatments with other devices claim that using the Aerolase Neo Elite is far more comfortable and milder. The hair must be in its growing phase for laser hair removal to be effective. You will have a series of treatments spaced 3–4 weeks apart to guarantee that all hair is thoroughly removed while it is still growing. This will successfully guarantee the best outcomes.

Psoriasis Clearance

Aerolase 650 Microsecond Technology uses deep-penetrating energy to coagulate the hypervasculature fueling plaque formation and decrease inflammation. Without the use of topical steroids or systemic drugs, Aerolase offers patients with psoriasis a safe, effective, and comfortable treatment for individuals of all ages and skin types. This indicates that traditional medicines have no side effects. Additionally, Aerolase 650 Microsecond Technology provides faster treatments and rates of clearance than conventional light-based therapies.


PFB, also known as ingrown hairs, razor bumps, or beard bumps, is an uncomfortable condition that is frequently brought on by shaving. Patients with darker skin tones, such as those with tanned skin and skin types IV through VI, frequently exhibit it. The surrounding hyperpigmentation as well as the melanin in the underlying hair and follicle are specifically targeted by the laser. The unique 650-microsecond pulse duration of Aerolase lasers, which is 50 to 500 times shorter than pulse durations typically used for hair removal by other laser technologies, allows the energy to pass through the skin quickly and effectively treat the condition without overheating the epidermal melanin.



We are committed to providing a truly tailored service for all patients, including consultations that consider their individual needs and preferences. Our goal is to provide our clients with the best possible experience and results performed by our staff of skilled, caring, and licensed professionals.

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